Marine Machinery, Engines & Controls

There are a number of moving parts and machines on a ship that is necessary to keep it moving. Learn about the different types of engines you will find, including main propulsion plant and auxilliary power generators. Also learn about the onboard electrical systems crucial to carrying out basic functions such as control, communication and navigation. These are all essential elements in Marine Engineering.

Decarbonization of Engines

Decarbonization of aux engines such as power generators aboard ships is a part of routine engine maintenance. It involves the removal of the cylinder heads and valve gear, pistons and rings, allowing the inspection of the liner and removal of the accumulation of carbon from these components.

Marine Engine Firing Order

Marine engine firing order is designed to distribute the engine power on the crankshaft bearings evenly. It should also be the optimum firing order to ensure the least engine vibration through balancing the power output along with consideration given to torsion and axial characteristics.

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